The Pansy Project Paste Up

The Pansy Project Paste Up originated from The Pansy Project’s inability to attend the Antwerp Queer Arts Festival in Belgium in 2020 due to the Pandemic, as Paul Harfleet describes in the video (above left). In 2021 Paul worked with Antwerp Pride, Het Roze Huis, and UNIA to develop and deliver the Paste Ups to the city.

The Pansy Project Paste Up was intended to take the place of the flower when the artist was unable to attend a location to mark homophobia with a live pansy.  However the illustration and subsequent Paste Up has become a symbol of the work Paul Harfleet has been doing to combat homophobia since 2005. In any space The Pansy Project Paste Up can act as conversation starter and as a talisman against homophobia, inviting discussion about the challenges the LGBTQ+ community face, every day.  Placed low to the ground it appears to emerge and grow from the floor, gently emanating a sense of serenity into any interior space. 

The Paste Up is beautifully printed on the highest quality eco-friendly giclée hahnemühle bamboo paper. It is then cut out by hand by the artist, the edges are coloured black and the entire Paste Up is sprayed with a weather resistant matt varnish.  The Paste Up will arrive carefully packaged in a gift box with instructions on how to install (installation by the artist can be arranged, depending on availability and location).

Purchase now for £200 via PayPal, delivery included. Paul will be in touch to discuss colour choice and delivery. All Paste-Ups arrive in a personalised gift box.
This twenty minute film made in 2017 introduces The Pansy Project and is ideal to share with people who have The Pansy Project Paste Up in their home or place of work. For other films visit The Pansy Project YouTube Channel. (Warning; some people may find this film upsetting).

The Pansy Project Paste Ups in Antwerp in 2020.

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