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Poster campaign Geneva, 2017.

For the greatest impact it works best when Paul Harfleet is present to deliver The Pansy Project. From planting tours to poster campaigns, the work flourishes when the artist can take the photographs of the plantings, host an informal tour or discuss the work at galleries or events. In 2017 The Pansy Project was invited by the City of Geneva for a special campaign that evolved from a meeting at the Everybody’s Perfect Film Festival; Paul planted eighteen pansies and presented a screening of Les Pensées de Paul into a city wide poster campaign in 2017. 

In May 2014 LUSH worked with The Pansy Project, sharing the story of the work and inviting customers and staff to plant pansies in Brighton, Bristol and across London, read more here. In 2018 Paul spoke at a conference that LUSH hosts to celebrate activism and innovation in culture.

Distributing pansies and information on Southbank London, 2006.

Paul Harfleet is available for speaking events, to discuss fees and arrangements get in touch with the artist here. The artist has spoken at various events in different contexts about his unique way of challenging homophobia. He has spoken at various museums, galleries and events including the V&A Museum, Stockholm Film Festival, the Vestry Musuem for LGBT History Month and at Marks and Spencer HQ, most recently he presented at the Spencer Museum of Art in Lawrence, Kansas.  His various TV and radio appearances include the BBC’s coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show in 2014, and in 2017 The Verb on BBC Radio3 and a BBC2 documentary ‘Is it Safe to be Gay in the UK’, a full list of his talks and appearances can be found here.

Planting pansies in Brussels, photo Wen-Chi Su, 2014.

On his recent visits to America and Canada Paul made short films which reveal the breadth of activity The Pansy Project can facilitate.

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