Birds Can Fly Resources

Birds Can Fly began in 2020, with bird illustrations, ‘gentle references’, a print shop and clothing store, all emerging from the first lockdown. Various other content continues to emerge with video workshops, interviews and press attention, perhaps most notably through the Self Isolating Bird Club founded by naturalist Chris Packham, who joined in with the ‘gently referencing’ when Paul appeared on the presenter’s broadcast on his Youtube channel in the summer of 2020. Explore the Birds Can Fly shop here. For booking enquiries contact Paul Harfleet, founder of Birds Can Fly here – Explore the resources below, there are also resources informed by Pansy Boy here.


Above: Paul asked his followers if they had any questions for him. Here is his response.
Above Paul talks with Mart from Teemill about The Pansy Project and how Birds Can Fly evolved.
An interview with Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin



Pansy Boy Field Notes.
Birds Can Fly Activity Sheets.
Birds Can Fly Poster

Birds Can Fly Identification Sheet.
Pansy Boy Colouring Sheets.

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