Hen Harrier Print Auction

Hen Harrier by Paul Harfleet, first edition A3 print, signed by Paul Harfleet, Chris Packham & Megan McCubbin. Bidding starts at £150, all profits go to Hen Harrier Day in support of their campaign to prevent the illegal persecution of the Hen Harrier. 

PLACE YOUR BID / Current Highest Bidder is £800!

Why Hen Harriers?

Watch Chris Packham meet with a group of experts to unravel the horrific story of one male hen harrier caught in an illegally set trap in an area managed for grouse shooting, and discovers more about the long history of raptor persecution in this area. Tune in to Hen Harrier Day Live below (Saturday August 8th – 10am to 4pm) to hear more from Chris Packham and Meg McCubbin on the plight of the Hen Harrier.

Read more about Hen Harrier Day here.

Paul Harfleet and The Birds Can Fly Project

Throughout #Lockdown Paul Harfleet began drawing the birds he could see from his window. Comforted by the process, he asked his social media followers if there was a bird, they’d like him to draw. His intention was to punctuate social media timelines with an alternative to the growing horrors of the pandemic. A wide variety of requests for bird drawings emerged, a collection of ornithological favourites, drawn in pen, developed into a collection of prints to buy (available here). To promote this collection Paul began ‘gently referencing’ the birds he’d drawn in a series of ‘advertising spreads’ and sharing them – online, more in the video below and read more here.

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